Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Media events list, for the record

Peterson pointed out to me yesterday that I don't actually have links to my major media appearances--a violation of the cardinal rule of author blogs! For the record, almost all the media work I've done is on my web page under "Interviews and Articles." But for the record, I'm collecting some links here, too:

Here is PBS television's feature on my book and travel writing course. That made me feel like a small scale celebrity!

Here is the radio interview I did with WVIA Artscene with Erika Funk in Scranton. Erika was lots of fun, but I think I talked too much and for too long.

I have done a number of interviews that appeared in print, but some of my favorites were talking to Oronte Churm at InsideHighered and shooting the breeze with Nina Herzog at Lambda Literary.

Most of my reviews are, again, on my web page. Here is one of my favorites, though, that I haven't added there yet.

Last but not least, one of the most entertaining things I've ever recorded is this audio essay about taking middle-class American creative writing students to a rural African village.

Will keep all of you posted--quite literally!

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